At Jibberjazz, we honor the whole family! Come to the Kids Area to make a necklace, make an instrument to play along with KNITEFRIENDS, create a wand, and most importantly, GET SILLY! We also have good old paint, markers, crayons and paper for younger friends!


2:00PM Captain Swirly's Magic Show!
Mirthful magic and smiles for the whole family! See Captain Swirly perform magic tricks, balloon animals and transform boredom to smiles!

3:00PM Memory Boxes!
Summer was full of fun! Make a memory box to hold all your mementos.

4:00PM Kites!
Build a personalized kite to make use of all of that fall wind!


11:00AM Make a Spider!
Construct an amazing arachnid and maybe learn a little bit about our web slinging friends.

12:00PM Captain Swirly’s Magic Show!
Mirthful magic and smiles for the whole family! See Captain Swirly perform magic tricks, balloon animals and transform boredom to smiles!

1:45PM Tye Dyeing!
Jazz up an old t-shirt! Add a splash of color to an old hat! Make a beautiful bag! Join us for a repurposing party by adding some new color to old things! *We have a limited number of items available for dyeing. If you have any old items, please bring them with you.

3:00PM Decorate a Cookie!
Everyone loves cookies! Create a yummy and beautiful cookie with pastry decorations! 

Everybody's favorite Jibberjazz band plays songs for our younger friends!

4:00PM Costume Making Party!
Make a mask, wings, or anything else you can think of to prepare for Halloween!



5-6:15PM "Angular Body Energy"
With Prem Siri Kaur at Indoor Jamhouse
Introductory class will offer insight into the sacred geometry of our bodies. Suitable for beginners.

6-7:00PM "Playing with a Drummer & Knowing your Place as a Percussionist"
Hosted by Mike Dillon
Meet at Camp Awesome
Mike will cover Afro-Cuban, four mallet technique and beginning tabla concepts. Bring drums and percussion instruments.


10-11:25AM "Triangle Energy"
With Prem Siri Kaur at Indoor Jamhouse
Set of exercises to re-align our triangle energy. Suitable for beginners.

2:00PM "New Twists On Old Games"
Hosted by Hank Finkel at Main Stage Soundboard
A new spin on old games. New rules for enhanced fun.

3:00PM "Creative Arts Workshop"
Hosted by Amy & Rikki at Indoor Jamhouse Entrance
Unleash your creative spirit in mixed artistic mediums.

4:00PM "Festival Survival Skills Workshop"
Hosted by Matt James (E.M.T.) at Indoor Jamhouse
Surviving & thriving in the full weekend, music and camping environment.

4-5:25PM "Flower of Life"
With Prem Siri Kaur at Indoor Jamhouse
Feel for yourself what it is to be more aligned with your sacred essence blueprint. Suitable for beginners.

5:00PM "Parade Of The Minds"
Hosted by Swift Technique & Camp Awesome at Indoor Jamhouse Entrance
Bring your wild self and your family to the official Parade Of The Minds, which will traverse through the campground accompanied by music & fun!!!

5:30PM "Official Parade Launch"
Step off from Jamhouse Entrance or join in when you see us pass by!

Keep your eyes and ears open for the roaming, random Open Mic Mobile. One acoustic guitar and one vocal microphone are provided. For those who would like to bring their own instruments, the system is comprised of a double-input combo amplifier with one XLR input and cable, and one 1/4" instrument input and cable.

During daylight hours, there will be a soccer goal, horseshoe pit, bocce, a basketball hoop, and a host of other random games taking place throughout the grounds.

Bear Creek is accessible and usable for fishing with a valid permit. Visit the PA Fish & Boat Commission website for more information.

Besides the various hiking trails that border the fairgrounds, The Appalachian Trail crosses route 183 less than 5 miles south of the festival site and Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is about 14 miles from the fairgrounds as well.


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