Ozric Tentacles are, simply put, legends of the UK underground. One of the most influential bands to emerge from Britain's festival scene, "The Ozrics" layer ambient and ethereal landscapes with freeform dub trips, incredible rave grooves and psychedelic progressive rock. It's an open exploration of music and the soul. In their 30 years, the Ozrics have experienced the vicissitudes of the rock and roll life. The band has flourished through a number of line-up changes, spawned several side projects, created their own record label, put out close to 25 albums, scored a hit record, and sold over a million albums world-wide. And yet, the basic motivation behind the band's existence has never wavered.


In those rare instances that a band reaches its fourth decade, it’s usually because of super-stardom. It’s easy enough to keep things together when each member has a jet and techs on retainer and the world tour rolls around every few years. But that’s not how Max Creek has done it. In 40+ years, Max Creek has been small, big, regionally-huge, medium, and any other size one can think of; they’ve never graced the cover of Rolling Stone, but you’d be hard pressed to find a music fan in the Northeast that hadn’t heard of them. Well then, how did they do it? If you knew Max Creek you’d answer simply, "they just did." Creek lacks pretense; there is no hip style or genre-title that can define them. From the beginning they’ve mixed anything they liked-rock, country, reggae, soul, calypso-in with their own excellent songs and it’s all just come out sounding like Creek. As such they’ve never been the hot item in the flavor-of-the-year club yet they’ve also never gone out of style. Moreover, Creek exudes confidence but lacks ego; each member is an incredible musician but that’s never been what it was about.


Credible bios are supposed to be objective and not full of superlatives and hyperbole, but it’s hard to avoid gushing when the subject is a funk army of multi-instrumentals and singers that is part freight train and part tyrannosaurus rex, who—even on an off night—can blow away a room on the basis of sheer physics alone. Turkuaz certainly does have sheer size in their favor, but when broken down into the basic components, each stands out on their own. When they take the stage the chemistry is clear. It’s easy to get caught up in the explosive auditory and visual circus and find oneself dancing. Despite all of the gear and people on stage, it is becomes clear that it is not the size that matters here: it is performance.


Consider the Source defy easy description. If intergalactic beings of pure energy, after initiation into an order of whirling dervishes, built some kind of pan-dimensional booty-shaking engine, powered by psychedelics and abstract math, it’d probably just sound like a CTS tribute band. Drawing from progressive rock, fusion and jazz, with alien sounds soaked in Indian and Middle Eastern styles, CTS blends disparate parts into a striking, utterly original whole. Dubbed "Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion", the band’s music strikes a rare balance between cerebral and emotional, intellectual and primal. A relentless touring schedule has won the band a fervent following from California to Israel, with fans ranging from jam-band hippies and jazz cats to corpse-painted headbangers and prog geeks.


A longtime favorite of critics and fans, but a pigeonholer's nightmare, The Horse Flies blend Americana roots with indie rock, ethnic percussion, creative songwriting, and a fierce, percolating groove. With a love of both the traditional and the modern, The Flies have consistently explored the intersection of the two to create a musical world all their own. Part trance-inducing minimalism, achieved through a neo-primitive approach to fiddle music, and part folk-rock American gothic, achieved through emotive singing and haunting, original songs, The Flies’ music is recognized for its intensity, quirkiness, poetry, and skill.

Toy Soldiers – a lively & hard-working band formed in 2007 started out as just a duo, fluctuated between a cast of upwards of 12 players, then eventually settled into a solid 5-piece who love a good song and dance with no pretense or wall between the band and audience (as members often times ending up in the crowd). The group spent most of 2012 playing hundreds of shows up and down the East Coast and in their hometown of Philadelphia, tearing through dive bars, festival stages and even theaters with their soulful brand of rock n' roll music.

Tiny Boxes blends progressive musicality with groove together in a solid rock band package. Having the ability to navigate complex instrumental excursions with ease and tackle creatively crafted songs as well, Tiny Boxes is making waves on the music scene. Their live show showcases the band's capacity to mix musical styles and transform them into memorable songs full of character with creative twists and turns. Tiny Boxes was founded by Bon Lozaga whose enduring commitment to fusion and prog-rock has won him a loyal global following. Soaring melodies, epic solos, and funk-infused rhythms have been central to his approach since his days in Gong, through to Gongzilla, and now with Tiny Boxes.


What does Austin-influenced, rural-Pennsylvanian, indie sister-folk sound like? Verbosity aside, it sounds uniquely like The Hello Strangers, a sister duo whose haunting harmonies and original, wittingly noir songwriting style are the backbone of their sound. The Hello Strangers were born out of the Austin, Texas music scene in 2006 when sisters Larissa and Brechyn wrote their first song together, entitled "Pregnant in Jail." Based on true events, it was a preamble to a string of original tunes the pair crafted in a little cottage off South Congress Avenue. Soon, however, the mountains of Pennsylvania beckoned the girls back north, and so they packed up their lives, dogs, and Larissa's husband and returned to their two-stoplight hometown. The move has since proven to be a boon for the duo. The sisters have created a catalogue of original music with nods to American folk traditions, modern indie rock, Texas country-folk, and roots rock, all tied together with lilting harmonies that only sisters can create. Timeless imagery and fables are at the core of each song, from tales of a boggy creek bottom where a murdered man sleeps, to a Texas roadhouse with bawdy dancers and clinking beer bottles, to more poignant reflections on the loss of winter or a man gone wrong. The sisters are backed by Spencer Pheil on guitar, Trent Renshaw on drums, and Tom Hoy on bass. The Hello Strangers recently won the AirPlay Direct "Win An Americana Record Deal Contest" and will have the honor of working with IMI Music in Nashville, Tennessee on their forthcoming album. No Surf Music calls them "perhaps the most exciting prospects on the Americana scene today, with dark, perfectly crafted lyrics expressed through a pair of harmonious voices literally born to sing together and coated in folk-inspired music bolstered by a fresh, modern attitude."

Drawing influence from a wide variety of bands, The Jauntee's improvisational landscape spans multiple genres, including: Funk/Rock/Jazz/Progressive/Bluegrass/Psychedelic and Ambient music. Their willingness to explore genres, abandon all song structure, and dive into 'the weird' sets them apart from your average upcoming jam band. They aim to push the boundaries of improvisation, embrace the moment and engage the audience. With an ever-expanding song catalog and an inclination for open ended improvisation, every show promises to be a unique experience.

Ever since their beginning, the band's goals have been to re-introduce the improvisational aspect of music into groovy, upbeat tunes that audiences of all ages could enjoy and to continue spreading consciousness to the like-minded individuals who are ready to receive the frequencies through the live music experience. While covering many different genre's of music (such as Funk, Reggae, Afro-Pop, Jazz, Disco, House, Drum&Bass) and with the amount of energy flowing through each members body while performing on stage, Jones's live set speaks for itself. Throughout the journey, the band has strengthened their ability to project a positive vibe to their listeners and has gained a following of loyal fans who share the same musical understanding and appreciation as they do. Jones For Revival's live show captures the audiences attention through a transfer of energy which is channeled through each band member and shared directly with the listener. Jones is a firm believer in the power of music and will continue to fill people's souls with great energy for years to come.


Emerging from the Pennsylvania music scene, from the outskirts of the City of Brotherly Love, is the band known as Flux Capacitor. This band of brothers consistently inspire and evoke a new and wildly addicting sound resonating with elements of rock, improvisation and electronica. They redefine musicality with positive prophetic vocals, complex guitar work, innovative keys/synths/bass work, with feverish syncopated drum rhythms. Flux Capacitor concerts are filled with improvisation, musical segues, spontaneous covers, and teases creating a unique, one of a kind experience at every performance. The essence of the brothers' music is fueled by their dedicated practice of meditation and lucid dreaming which keeps them fueled by a higher power. Their electric vibe transcends the stage and extends into the crowd creating a magical musical ambiance.


They'll turn your mother into your grandmother.


Electric Soul Pandemic delivers high energy, high spirited music with a good time vibe in partership with stimulating lights, sights and sounds keeping you and the party dancing all night long. Based out of the beautiful state of North Carolina's "Gate City," ESP is a solid group of grateful, dedicated musicians and friends.


Born out of regular late night jam sessions, Mason Porter formed in 2006 with Tim Celfo on upright bass, Joe D'Amico on mandolin, and Paul Wilkinson on guitar. Mason Porter released their debut EP Mason Porter (2008) resulting in immediate praise and momentum. Les McIntyre of Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine wrote of this inaugural recording "The music of Mason Porter could be best described as alternative bluegrass…in this debut recording, the eclectic trio show musical prowess that is difficult to overlook." Following up with full lengths Thunder In The Valley and a collection of traditional folk and covers Story Of the Rifle, the band became a fixture on the regional folk and bluegrass scenes. Through the process of writing, recording and constant gigging, the band developed its original sound blending folk, rock, blues, country and bluegrass influences into the unique personality that IS Mason Porter. Their latest release Home For The Harvest, due out in January 2014, presents an engaging and personal Mason Porter, placing the emphasis on lyrics, songwriting and their signature vocal harmonies. "Mason Porter conveys a sense of warmth. Its CSN-esque harmonies ring out, its songs (and interpretations of others’ songs) carry strongly performed as a full band as much as an acoustic trio" John Vettese, The Key.


Chelsea McBee has been filling the valleys and mountains of West Virginia with down home, soul stirring tunes for years. Along with her Random Assortment, the group has gained noticeable popularity with their creative interpretation of traditional music paired with the unique sounds of claw-hammer style banjo. Their music has been described anywhere from folk, americana to newgrass/jazzgrass.

P-A-R-T-Why? Because it’s the peoples music! Think of the term musical performance: what comes to mind? A stage? A lightshow? Sold out tickets? In the past it was common to walk down the street and hear live music spilling out of every doorway, sidewalk, and street corner you passed. Everyday people loved nothing more than making music while friends and strangers listened and enjoyed. There was no line between musicians and spectators; there was a community. As time flew forward, society lost this everyday immersion of music and replaced it with a barricade, separating the music makers and the audience. In early 2013, a few students from the University of Massachusetts Lowell took a note from Ronald Reagan and decided to "Tear Down This Wall!" Armed with nothing but a few horns, three songs, and a common goal, the Party Band hit the streets and hit them hard. Making every sidewalk a stage, every patch of grass a classroom, and every listener an opportunity, the band continues to spread the idea that live music should be accessible to everyone in everyday life. Fueled by the fires of conviction, the Party Band expanded in size and repertoire to 20 members and 30+ charts. Open rehearsals encourage players of all skill levels and dedication to attend and join our cause, none are turned away. The band favors the use of original songs prompting our members to express themselves through creative composition, arrangement, and improvisation. Specializing in spontaneous outdoor music making, the Party Band loves nothing more than setting up shop where people least expect it. The Party Band encourages active audience participation and desegregation of audience and band, more times than not having the crowed intertwined in the raw, bluesy madness. What is the Riverhawk Party Band? Homegrown, unadulterated, unplugged FUN. Their goal is to bring people together through the joys of quality music in a way that is accessible to everyone.


The Prickers sound is a collision of marching band brass, back porch banjo frailing, burning boots kickin’, old-skool hip-hop kick drum thumpin’, saloon ragtime piano pounding, guitar strumming and lyrical song writing that the band has recently coined "Cluster Folk." The music has roots in every corner of the musical garden…no stone is left unturned. The band, like its namesake, can be a tangled wall of sound one moment and a delicately complex form the next. The songs are haunting at times, drawing from life’s curved roads, meandering and pondering the many plights of modern life, and other times the music is a ruckus rowdy jamboree complete with the classic fiddle banjo backbone that makes it so hard to sit down. Harmonium, Baritone and Tabla make appearances on songs along with Piano, Banjo, Trumpet, Sousaphone, Guitar, Fiddle and Drums that have been the bands favorite instruments over the last few years. While paying homage to some of the great traditional music The Prickers have never been purveyors of tradition. The excitement is in the play between the two worlds of future and past, and never becoming too rooted to any one form or style. Collaboration with other musicians has always been at the core of the bands inspiration, and you never know who may join the band on stage for a show…could be you!


"I am another you, you are another me. All is one and one is all". This is the philosophy that Asheville, NC based Instrumental Space Rocktronica band, A Ghost Like Me, exists by. Self-described as "Theme Music for the Human Experience", AGLM strives to bring you within yourself to elevate your soul, expand your consciousness and push the boundaries of your auditory senses.


Chestnut Grove is a Roots Rock and Blues band that is inspired by art and sounds from as early as renaissance folk artists and performers, the Roaring 20's itself, 1940's and 50's Beat Poets; the Delta Blues breakout, the 60's Counter Culture, all the way through to todays Macintosh Computers and Big City Lights. Their releases also feature heavier psychedelic songs filled with fuzzy guitar riffs and incredible breakdowns and more of an early 60's rock and roll, a touch of Folk and Roots and a large growth in vocal dynamic.

Chronicles of Sound harnesses progressive rhythms, unique musicality, and a knowing nod to pop music of a post-modern bent, including video game covers, film scores, and more. Their albums and graphic novels unveil a story-scape which unites concepts across themes and time. CoS is a band that utilizes transmedia platforms to tell the story of a far-distant planet, Amaris, where the five members of Chronicles of Sound engage in a war between fate and free will, duty and desire. The live show encompasses cinematic compositions, improvisation, lights, projections, and costume, culminating in a unique and powerful concert experience.

Blending together folk, bluegrass, and blues, ISJ creates a sound that is unique and upbeat, dynamic and bold. Expect high energy performances using creative guitar tunings, vocals that are reminiscent of Natalie Merchant and Amy Ray, and songs inspired by travel, experience, growth and change. Playing guitar since the age of 8, Sarah Beth has been creating mature and interesting compositions for over fifteen years.


Eric and Kate Avey have been making music together for over a decade, and have recently been booking duo shows with Eric on guitar and Kate on the bass. The two produce a full, melodic sound that captures the attention of new faces at every show. If the harmonies alone don’t bring a smile to your face, their endearing interactions with each other will. Their selection of songs are original, fun, rowdy, classic, heart-felt, and even a little ornery at times!


Dynamic psychedelic jams, deep-funk grooves, tight emotional vocals, a little space and enough rocket fuel to get there and back – Steal Your Face is a high-energy band. Born from the Spirit of Jerry Garcia, SYF blends thought provoking original music with the vast library of other classics. Each show is a unique experience, audiences are captivated as they and the band push each other to new heights and make music together.




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Scottish Singer Songwriter Paul Saint John's Folk-Rock sound, original unique songs and raw emotive vocals combine to create the breakout artist for 2014. Fresh onto the music scene, his powerful live solo performances have a touch of old school Tom Waits and Bob Dylan mixed with David Gray's songwriting quality and the raw power of The Tallest Man on Earth.

"Welcome to your musical punch in the face," says Amanda Duncan from the stage to the crowd as she flashes a knowing smile. Once she starts to sing, the big question is, "How does that huge sound come out of that little body?" Never quite blessed with height, Amanda was blessed with one roaring set of pipes. And even before the 2009 independent release of her "Love I Have For You" EP, Duncan was able to drum up considerable success, based solely on some homemade demos, her live show, and her infectious personality. She is a soldier in the new army of musicians who rely only on themselves to make things happen whether it be branding her name with graphic art or even engineering half of her own record. She draws from a diverse blend of the crooning hits of the 30's and 40's and the pop-country of today, to craft what has become her light-hearted, head-bopping acoustic sound. 180 degrees from the winey, suicidal droning of many singer-songwriters, in a black and white world, Amanda Duncan is a burst of color.

The first day singer-songwriter Mike McMonagle picked up a guitar was a Saturday. The first chord he ever strummed was an E minor, and to this day, Mike still plays that very same chord – along with others – to craft an array of folk-inspired ditties about riding trains, drinking wine and the Commonwealths of Virginia and Pennsylvania. Meaning exists below the surface, however, as Mike sings to inspire hope, reconcile loss and make good on his existence in this world.

"In the night you can hear him rumbling and scrounging. Cries of pain and distant moans of a melody bellow from underneath the crack of a door that's covered in final notice bill warnings. Behind this door, dwells a man, many a night, spent lying in fetal position on the floor, trying to write that next best song. This is an every night routine for Pennsylvania singer/songwriter A.D. Chandler. "Torture" was one word he used a lot when talking about his new 2nd full length CD Tall Tales. "Painful," "exhausting," and "soul wrenching" were other descriptive phrases Chandler used. But it all paid off at the end. An album packed with passionately written, fictional stories, put to a soulful, Americana soundtrack.

Mama Mac inspires children of all ages through music, harmony and imagination. Mama Mac's catchy and irresistible tunes explore various musical styles and genres all with a toe-tapping lovable vibe that has both kids and grown-ups singing and dancing along!