• No Illegal Substances
• No Weapons
• No Fires on the Ground (elevated fire pits only)
• No Nitrous Oxide
• No Glass Bottles
• No Underage Alcohol Possession/Consumption
• No Loud Music In Camping Area
• No Motorized Golf Carts, 4-Wheelers, Dirt Bikes, etc.
The safety of our patrons is of utmost priority. Failure to adhere to rules above will result in immediate ejection from festival grounds by Jibberjazz Security. Thank you for understanding.

Interested applicants should send an email with detailed vendor description to If email is not possible, please mail a description, menus, etc to the address on the Jibberjazz contact page. We archive all submissions and contact every vendor we are interested in working with in advance.

Each weekend RV pass with electricity is $50. To purchase a spot in advance, or for more information, contact: RV passes do NOT include any festival tickets.


What time does the gate open? Friday at 9:00AM.

Can I come to the festival early? Campers may arrive on Thursday between 4:00PM-11:00PM ONLY (anyone arriving later will not be let into the grounds until Friday morning at 9AM). Thursday arrivals carry an additional $10 "early bird fee" per person (vendors are not subject to this fee). Bands will be performing on the main stage Thursday evening as part of the pre-party. Please plan your trip accordingly.

Do kids have to pay to get in? Children 12 and under are free-of-charge with legal guardian.

How much does it cost on Saturday? Single day passes are only available after sunrise on Saturday for $55.

Can I leave and reenter? If your wristband remains intact on your wrist, and you possess your original ticket stub, you may reenter the festival grounds.

How long can I stay? Until 5:00PM Sunday.

Does it cost anything to park? There is a fee of $5 per car or $10 per oversized vehicle (includes vehicles pulling a trailer).

Can I bring my dog? Pets are welcome at Jibberjazz events, but as regulated by our insurance company, no dangerous breeds (i.e. pit bulls) are allowed on the grounds. We are sorry but this is the way it has to be. A good general rule of thumb is if your animal has the capacity to harm a small child, leave it at home or in a local shelter. All animals must register at the gate and present current proof of Rabies Vaccination. All animals must be leashed at all times and properly attended to.

Can I bring alcohol? Yes, this event is BYOB as long as you are 21+ with valid ID. NO GLASS BOTTLES!

What if I injure myself? A team of Licensed Practical Nurses are employed for the duration of the festival. Basic first-aid is also available at the gate and staff members have the means to contact additional medical personnel if the need should arise.

Are there quiet places to camp? There will be an area designated for "family camping" with quiet hours strictly enforced after midnight.

Can I camp with my car? Yes, and all stages are in close proximity to the main camping area.

Can I carpool? Check with Ricky Rides.

Can I bring an RV? Yes, weekend RV passes are $50 each and include electricity. To reserve a spot or for more information, please contact:

Can I buy electricity if I don't have an RV? Non-RV electrical permits are $40 each per weekend.

What is the bathroom situation? The grounds feature on-site restrooms with flushing toilets and plenty of port-o-johns throughout the campground. Cleaning and maintenance is provided throughout the weekend.

Are there showers? Free showers are available on site during limited daytime hours.

Can I have a personal fire? No, unless it is contained within an elevated, store-bought fire pit (we suggest bringing your own firewood). A community bonfire will be on-site to keep everyone warm. Camp grills/stoves are okay.

Is there an ATM? There will be an ATM in the vending area. However, if you plan on purchasing tickets at the gate, please bring enough money with you as cash is the only form of payment accepted on day of show and you cannot access the ATM until after you enter the festival grounds.

Will there be yoga? Yes. Kundalini Yoga with The Blue Goddess, as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a safe yet highly effective form of yoga. It is quite physical, but not acrobatic, and highly meditative. Most postures are doable by anyone, even those who have not done yoga before. There is plenty of breathwork, stretching and toning in each session. It is not uncommon to feel extremely blissful even after only one session. Expect a magical experience! All classes are beginner/intermediate level. Modifications will be given for more challenging poses. We will meet by the indoor Jamhouse and then walk over together and set up near the river, behind the stage area. Please bring along a blanket to have something to sit on and water if you can, to avoid dehydrating. FRIDAY 5-6:15PM "Aligning the Chakras for a Taste of Bliss." SATURDAY 11AM-12:15PM "Awakening the Chakras to Heal the Self." SATURDAY 5-6:15PM "Balancing & Healing the Chakras & Their Corresponding Organs"

What else is nearby? Hawk Mountain's website has a list of nearby attractions.

Where can I find flyers? Our Photobucket page has downloadable flyers.

How can i get involved with Jibberjazz? We are always looking for more reliable people for promotion, clean-up, etc. Please reach us AHEAD OF TIME by emailing We are always fully-staffed before gates open.


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Hawk Mountain Visitor Guide

Deer Lake Beverage Center
1165 Centre Turnpike
Orwigsburg, PA

The Beer Shak
762 Pennsylvania 183
Schuylkill Haven, PA

Country Beverage Inc.
107 Pennsylvania 183
Schuylkill Haven, PA

Long Trout Winery
84 Fork Mountain Road
Auburn, PA

100 Cabela Drive
Hamburg, PA

Hadesty's Hardware
2244 West Market Street
Pottsville, PA

Comfort Inn
433 Suedberg Road
Pine Grove, PA

Comfort Inn Midway
I-78 Midway Exit 16
41 Diner Road
Bethel, PA

Econo Lodge
419 Suedberg Road
Pine Grove, PA

Hampton Inn
481 Suedberg Road
Pine Grove, PA

Scottish Inn
196 Roadside Drive
Shartlesville, PA


Christmas Pines Campground
450 Red Church Road
Auburn, PA

Mountain Springs Campground
3450 Mountain Road
Shartlesville, PA