TOUBAB KREWE ● Asheville, North Carolina
Some music is so original it seems snatched from the great, invisible substrata that runs below all human activity, a sound aching to be born without a flag or fixed allegiance – free, questing, overflowing with immediate, tangible life. This vibrant instrumental powerhouse creates a sonic Pangaea that lustily swirls together rock, African traditions, jam sensibilities, international folk strains and more. While nearly impossible to put into any box, it takes only a few moments to realize in a very palpable way that one is face-to-face with a true original who recognizes no borders in a march towards a muscular, original, globally switched-on sound.
CORNMEAL ● Chicago, Illinois

Heavily influenced by American roots and folk music, Cornmeal blends lightning fast tempos and impeccable harmonies into an unrivaled live performance that continues to expand upon the five-piece acoustic-electric groups’ vast musical repertoire. While steeped in the tradition of the past, Cornmeal continues to forge their own path, pushing the boundaries of bluegrass, Americana and folk for a whole new generation of music lovers. With a rapidly growing fan base and ever-evolving sound, Cornmeal challenges the recipe of the bluegrass sound and live performance.
HOLY GHOST TENT REVIVAL ● Greensboro, North Carolina
Melding brass with banjo, guitar, bass and drums, this ensemble boasts an eclectic mash of instruments and styles - a musical alchemy all their own. It is this transcendent energy that continuously propels H.G.T.R. to play the heart and soul of a North Carolina-born, genre-defying new groove. With a penchant for crafting thoughtfully playful lyrics and graced with exceptional musical skills, there are seemingly no boundaries for this group as they spread the magic of their heart-throbbing, foot-stomping, good-time music.
THUNDER BODY ● Rochester, New York
THUNDER BODY is live roots reggae and experimental dub. Analog international body sound. Built on respect with respect, THUNDER BODY is spankin' new original Super-charged super-grooves. Fresh and crisp. THUNDER BODY.
THE BIG DIRTY ● Pennsylvania
Enormous in-the-pocket grooves layered with sonic blasts of interplanetary psychedelia, held together tightly by spontaneous melodies that train the altered brain to dance it all away. With each member utilizing a wide variety of effects and styles, and creative collaborations within the songwriting process, TBD continues to forge a signature sound that makes heads turn and bodies move. Regardless of what you call it, their "filthy funky groove" is unlike anything else.
BAWN IN THE MASH ● Paducah, Kentucky
Some acoustic bands bend the rules of old time American music; this Kentucky band smashes the rules to pieces, combining everything from xylophone to electric guitar to saxophone to synthesizers to computer loops.

The Twin Cats have been crushing dance floors with their distinct approach to fusion music since finalizing the lineup in 2004. Taking influence from funk, prog rock, jazz, and electronica, The Twin Cats' sound is responsible for inducing spontaneous dance parties all across the Midwest. This Indianapolis-based band guarantees one thing... face melting funk in your face... melting it.

TWIDDLE ● Vermont
Twiddle spins tall-tales over an intricate soundscape of Hi-def shred. Obliterating the laws of improvisation, Twiddle delivers spectacular climaxes, defiantly weaves through genres, and never fails to leave a crowd lusting for more. It is 3-dimensional music. You can see it from all sides, and even serve it to your guests. It's Twiddle. Tasty.
SWEET EARTH ● Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Combining a dynamic blend of New Age dance beats, funky rhythmic grooves, mathematic progressive rock, exciting live improvisation, and the utilization of their incredible multi-instrumental talents, Sweet Earth has created an intoxicating sound and energy all their own.
JAHMAN BRAHMAN ● Asheville, North Carolina
Shred 'N' Flow is how Jahman Brahman describes their unique style, meaning dynamic sound with a wide breadth of influence, but a focus on rich and fluid progressions of energy. Each member's musical intuition and influences are unique. From Classic Rock to Electronica to Punk to Jazz, elements from many genres are found in the band's music. As a result the band pioneers new sounds as the coalescence of their diverse styles unfolds into powerful jams and creative compositions.
River City Slim & The Zydeco Hogs bring the exuberant sounds of the steamy bayous of southwestern Louisiana to the hills of New England. The Zydeco Hogs cook up a spicy musical gumbo that combines the traditional sounds of the button accordion and washboard with a driving, syncopated beat.
DR. KETCHUP ● Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dr. Ketchup has been at it, up to it and all about it for a good long while. It's all groove all the time. You can say jazz if you want to, but honestly, we leave that up to the college kids. This sound is blue enough to know better and fatter than fiction.
KARMIC JUGGERNAUT ● Belmar, New Jersey
Combining elements of psychedelic and progressive rock, funk, jazz, blues, world music, and a constantly developing array of other influences, K-Juggs stand as an experiment into sonic experience.
ECHOES TALK BACK ● Reading, Pennsylvania
What started off as a solo acoustic project grew into the animal it is today. As each member joined, the band morphed into something bigger and more aggressive, without ever forgetting its roots, losing its core sound or the intimacy it shares with the audience.
UNDERGROUND HORNS ARE cooking audio gumbo... their special recipe includes some funk, jazz, hip hop mixed with brass band traditions spiced up with african and other world rhythms... music for the people!
MYSTERY FYRE ● Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Truly a musical revolution for this generation, Mystery Fyre brings psychedelic classic-rock back to the music scene. From the screaming of bluesy guitar riffs, to the heart pounding bass grooves, to the mind splitting beating of the drums – it's a body moving and raw experience unlike any other as they continue to daze and amaze audiences both young and true to the music.
THE GREAT WHITE CAPS ● Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Summoning the underwater gods of reverb, The Great White Caps bring a raucous sound to the world of surf music. Hailing from nowhere near the ocean, these fools have salt water running through their veins.
HOT CLUB OF PHILADELPHIA ● Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Hot Club of Philadelphia plays music often referred to as Gypsy Jazz, Based on the recordings of Belgian born Gypsy Guitarist Django Reinhardt and French Violinist Stephan Grappelli.
THE WHISKEYHICKON BOYS ● Collegeville, Pennsylvania
TWB have a unIque sound that shakes your soul and awakens your senses... a fusion of Folk, Bluegrass, Rockabilly and Hip-Hop with a splash of Funk creating a musical cocktail they call "Gangsta Folk".
ROTTEN BELLY BLUES ● York, Pennsylvania
THEY are to the blues what punk was to rock 'n' roll music. It's called the outsider blues. THEY don't imitate any kind of music. In this core group, each one of them has their own style that they might follow. A little bit of that style gets mixed with the blues. These guys bring this energy and this rockin' vibe to everything. That has taken THEIR blues roots and really energized it.
TREEHOUSE ● Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Treehouse is made up of 9 friends who all live in a big hut in a tree in one of Williamsport's public parks, where they enjoy playing snare drums and singing songs about storms and sunshine. Featuring an indie-rock sound equally influenced by the sounds of folk and soul, Treehouse crafts playful songs in which gospel harmonies coexist with hip-hop rhythms and country twang nestles in lush electronic soundscapes.
Members of The Big Dirty and The Backroad WILL BE performING a classic album as part of their SKOJ7 set.
RATBOY JR ● Hudson Valley, New York
Ratboy Jr. is singer & guitarist Timmy and multitasker extraordinaire Matty (he plays drums and keyboards at the same time!) and they are located in the beautiful Hudson Valley. They are a rocking duo for all ages. They perform energetic, catchy, and sometimes improvised tunes with hooks and stories that will get stuck in your head- songs about robots, emus, and garbage men. They seemed to have found the formula for a super fun show, a perfect mix of audience participation, hilarious onstage banter, and a slide whistle!

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Nina's original music is an eclectic combination of country, soul, funk, folk and rock delivered with a delicious voice.

Merely another wandering nomad of mind, I choose to navigate my way through life's often paradoxical wilderness through song. With each new piece, I seek to mold language and sound into a complimentary expression of this journey, this swift stumble through time. A cultured fool in most human avenues, including both love and ambition, song provides me with one domain in which I can exert at least some form of authority.

Genuine, foot stompin', smokin', no-holds-barred Delta blues. Dunn's gritty voice sings of love, lust, lousy jobs and worse luck... carrying the blues forward and the river keeps flowing just the same.

Combining a fiery stage presence, sweet as honey vocals, and a caveman attitude, Erik has a sound all his own. Though rooted in folk and blues, this caveman is not afraid to step out on his own and let the world feel his heart song.

THEY will turn your mother into your grandmother.