26 Original Musical Acts from all over the USA!



lespecial carve their own sonic path in modern music, creating their signature blend of "heavy future groove." The power trio’s fresh synthesis of varied and divergent influences doesn't underestimate the listener, reflecting a post-modern cultural climate. Veering from hip-hop to metal, prog to house, pensive indie-rock to apocalyptic dub, leaving room for head banging and hip swaying alike, while still presenting a unified sound and vision.


Denver CO

Magic Beans have made a name for themselves with a proprietary blend of funk, soul, and psychedelia that is truly unique to them. Old souls born into the modern world, the Magic Beans' music is reminiscent of classic R'n'B/Funk records with the attitude and appeal of modern hip hop or dance music. The band pushes forward to new musical heights while proving themselves to be steeped in the fundamentals and origins of the music they honor. Additionally, their live shows have an energy that has made them one of the most in demand bands on the festival circuit. 


New Orleans LA

How many artists have been praised a "punk rock provocateur," "jazz vibraphone visionary," and "percussion virtuoso" in the same sentence? There's only one: Mike Dillon. Whether through his affiliation with artists like Les Claypool, Primus, Rickie Lee Jones, Dean Ween Group and Ani Difranco, and collaborations such as Nolatet, Garage a Trois, The Dead Kenny G's, Critters Buggin or bands he has led, the Texas-native has set his own standard for 25 years now.



Arkansauce is a genre-hopping, four piece string band from northwest Arkansas, bending the rules and blurring the lines between bluegrass, newgrass, folk, americana, with notes of country, blues, and funk. With a loyal following growing every day in the Natural State and along their tour routes, the band is proud to be stepping into a hard-driving sound unique to the Arkansas quartet.


Asheville NC

The Jon Stickley Trio transcends the standards of acoustic music with a wide range of influences masterfully integrated into a signature approach. The collection sums up the Jon Stickley Trio: A three way collaboration expressing music that comes from the heart and the mind and speaks to both.


Peoria IL

From the heart of the Midwest, Steady Flow delivers a unique style of powerful funk music like you’ve never heard it before. The group has transformed into a six-piece funk-powerhouse, quickly claiming their spot as one of the best live acts around. The band is constantly turning heads at every performance as their hard hitting Funk Rock compositions shake the room and force all audiences to dance, rage, & simply feel good!


Jerusalem Israel

Israel's premier Livetronica band. G-Nome Project is the product of their longstanding musical vision to form an ensemble focused heavily on improvisation while blending elements of psytrance, dance, and funk into progressive original compositions – a style that has been coined "Grilled Cheese Funk at its finest."


New Orleans LA

These Big Easy Bombardiers pack an ample amount of audio artillery in their set and you better believe that the Funka-Delic swamp will rain down heavy when they plug in. They combine a sound of dirty funk and delicate groove with elements of disco and rock and roll to create danceable jams with plenty of edge and substance.


Morgantown WV

Known for their high-energy shows, the band mixes a fierce rhythmic foundation, dual guitar solos, and an Appalachian tinged mix of genres that makes standing still nearly impossible. By focusing on musical intricacy and creating seamless improvisation, Fletcher’s Grove has captured the imaginations of thousands in the Mountain State and beyond.


Washington DC

Part of the new generation of go- anywhere brass bands. You can hear this sound all over the world now – from New Orleans to Belgrade, Paris to Cotonou, and right here on the east coast area as well. A major party alert for this band – Black Masala puts on an amazing, high-energy live show!


Philadelphia PA

Jamtronic Trance Fusion quartet,  with a generous mix of complex songwriting, textures, instrumentation, vocals, and improvisation, layered with soaring guitar and synth melodies, to excite the listener and ignite contagious dancing.



Filthy Funky Groove.


 Boston MA

Lee Ross is an internationally touring one-man party band. Using saxophone, keyboards, and flute he live-loops all sorts of funk and reggae dance music sounds to create a wild musical experience. It's a dance party for everyone's universe!


Philadelphia PA

Funky, electronic, inspired…well, there's really no way to fully capture the experiences and sounds of MINKA. But if you want to let your imagination run wild...let's pretend some scientists got in the lab and crossed Bowie with Prince, and then sprinkled in some Talking Heads.


Winchester VA

Award winning musical embodiment of Alternative Bluegrass & Appalachia. They've migrated the music industry for 6 years, their voices soaring to new heights together. Together they make a memorable sound certain to make you tap your feet and sing along!


New Orleans LA

Quarx is a raw four piece rock and roll band, combining their varied influences from classic rock to blues, hardrock to funk to create their signature sound that shines during their live shows.


Pittsburgh PA

The Shelf Life String Band is an un-traditional bluegrass 5-piece with a solid repertoire of musical delight. These boys keep the energy high with a full-bodied, feel-good sound, captivating crowds old and young alike.


Northern New Jersey

The Outcrops bring original blues-infused rock’n’roll. Bryan Schroeder's long flowing lead lines intertwine with Cassidy Rain's vocal phrases to create a very melodic sound with a funk and soul feel that melds beautifully creating the perfect band tag: Rock & Roll, Blues & Soul. ​​​​​​


Boston MA

An eclectic mix of Hammond organ based funk, 70s style prog, and melodic psych rock.


San Glutino NJ

Madison Gerish's philosophical, vulnerable and disarming lyrics dance with Daniel Skinner's subtle yet moving melodies, all while leaving space for their talented caravan of musical comrades. The music is rooted in deep improvisation and an emphasis on being courageous when facing the absurdities of life.


York PA

3-piece powerhouse featuring Garry Slick and Brett Noel from Dr. Slothclaw, along with Levi Powers bringing the screaming guitar leads. Taking notes from multiple genres and groups, the band delivers mind blowing instrumental originals that seem to defy boundaries, yet keep you dancing with funky grooves and thick bass tones.


Baltimore MD

Nester combines a hearty dose of psychedelia with high energy funk and face melting rock n roll to create the most delicious concoction that you didn’t know your soul needs.


Philadelphia PA

Indie Jazz atmospheres with angular Prog rhythms and vintage video game soundtracks with the intensity of robot metal at others. Agent Moosehead has over the years hosted a fluid lineup consisting of some of Philadelphia's most inventive musicians. At their smallest, a trio of guitar, bass, and drums. At their largest, eight pieces or more with keys, vibes, trumpet, woodwinds, and cello.


Boston MA

Having experienced and academic backgrounds in music, the four members of Milque combine musical styles and feels from around the globe to deliver a high-energy atmosphere for listeners as well as keep them on their toes with a unique sound that defies normal categorization.


Bethlehem PA

Artist-At-Large. Saxophonic mugician of The Big Dirty.


Richmond VA

CJ sings, plays & writes original music pulling from many genres & eclectic experiences. His music stylings range from folk and song writer to jazz infused rock & more. You never know what you might get from this artist. It's something for everyone.