April 27 - 30, 2023
Kempton Community Center
83 Community Center Drive, Kempton, PA

A full weekend music & camping festival, featuring: 24 musical acts on 3 stages, workshops, food & craft vendors, a kids area with activities, late-night indoor jams, light shows, fire performances, parades, yoga, art areas, and so much more! Jibberjazz will showcase a variety of musical styles including Jam, Funk, Bluegrass, Folk, Blues, Rock & Roll, Reggae, Americana, World, Jazz, Progressive, etc. Artists drawn from 16 states, all over the USA! ​ Let's Get to Wild Dancing!


Tickets WILL be available at the gate.
This event will NOT sell out.
Online pre-sale has ended.


Tickets will be available at the gate for $150 (cash only). All passes include camping. Online pre-sale has ended.

All online sales are "will call" and picked up at the gate (with ID). For questions concerning  ticket purchases, please email [email protected].


The weekend pass price of admission is $150 per person. Cash is the only accepted method of payment at the gate, which operates non-stop from 4pm Thursday through Sunday afternoon.

Beginning at 9am Saturday, passes will be $90 at the gate.

After 9am Sunday, admission drops to $20 per person.


For an additional $20 per person (payable in cash, only at the gate), patrons may arrive after 4pm Thursday. The gate remains open overnight. There is live music Thursday evening.


From 9am Saturday until 9am Sunday, passes will be available at the gate for $90 each. Price includes overnight camping. There are no day passes.


At 9am Sunday, the price of admission drops to $20 per person. There is live music Sunday afternoon, food/craft vendors will be operating, and other scheduled activities  take place.


All passes are non-refundable.
Reentry permitted only with original ticket stub AND wristband intact.
All tickets include overnight camping (no day passes).
Children 12 and under are free-of-charge accompanied by legal guardian.


$10 per normal vehicle

$50 RV without electric.
They will not sell out.

RV with electric are SOLD OUT. There is a chance some spots will open up during the event ($120 each). Inquire at the gate if interested.


Scroll down to "Information" section for link and information.


Original Musical Acts from all over the USA!



lespecial is redefining the term "power trio". The three multi-instrumentalists continue to command attention from music critics and fans alike through their national tours highlighted by fierce musicianship, creative showmanship and an engaging live show that leaves audiences exhilarated and hungry for more. lespecial’s signature blend of "heavy future groove" combines head banging heavy prog-rock riffage with bone rattling 808s and sub synths, taking listeners on a journey to the musical netherworld through esoteric soundscapes punctuated by raw, primal energy/power.


Denver CO

Funk, soul, live electronica, and even bluegrass music find their way into this songbook from 4 band members that each bring their own flavor to the project. The different feels in the double record coexist harmoniously as the listener is slowly ramped up throughout the record. By the time you hit the second vinyl, the organic sounds of B3 organ and acoustic guitar give way to synths and drum sampling almost as if you’re descending into night.


Augusta GA

For over a decade, Funk You has captivated audiences with their unrivaled alchemy of modern musical sensibilities and the last fading embers of the chitlin circuit. Comprised of nine kindred spirits - this close-knit troupe is driven by an unwavering passion for live performance and emboldened by their own exuberance - making them one of the most electrifying acts in contemporary funk.


Fayetteville AR

Arkansauce is a genre-hopping, four piece string band from northwest Arkansas, bending the rules and blurring the lines between bluegrass, newgrass, folk, americana, with notes of country, blues, and funk.


New Orleans LA

Mike Dillon's Punkadelick returns to Royal Potato Family with Inflorescence, an album of heady, instrumental rock highlighting a band deep in the throes of creative freedom, road tested and wild. Consisting of 10 tracks in 42-minutes, Inflorescence is expansive and focused, a world where Duke Ellington and Augustus Pablo rub shoulders with crate-digger exotica, the freak-funk of Parliament and the ‘anything fits’ outsider ethos of acid-fried punks like the Meat Puppets.


Grand Rapids MI

Five-piece American rock band from Michigan. With original music written to complement the group's sound as a whole, the music is centered around melodic guitar riffs, funky bass lines, groovy drumbeats, and a big ole' pile of saxophone. The group takes influence from Frank Zappa, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Charles Mingus, Phish, The Band, and Led Zeppelin to name a few. Desmond Jones puts on exciting and high-energy shows with a high level of musicianship and skillful improvisation.


Philadelphia PA

Jamtronic Trance Fusion quartet, Solar Circuit, creates a unique live experience with improvisational roots. Newest studio album 'Pulling at the Source' showcases the group's solidified sound; a generous mix of complex songwriting, textures, instrumentation, vocals, and improvisation. The record melds deep electronic roots, layered with soaring guitar and synth melodies, to excite the listener and ignite contagious dancing.


Roanoke VA

In the year 2038, at the height of the hundred year chicken sandwich wars, Chupacabras served as the guide to bring both young and old on a celestial journey of chaos and transformation, ultimately renouncing our A.I. Overlords and restoring balance to the galaxy. But as new cosmic turbulences arise, This band of brothers continues to travel through time and space, inspiring audiences to move, love, and live like never before.


Toledo OH

Progressive rock power house quartet with influences covering all spectrums of music. Baccano is guaranteed to take you on a captivating, and an aggressively groovy journey through space and time.


Albany NY

Rob Beaulieu's Raisinhead have been playing together for 20 years and have traveled all over the North East bringing you the music of The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, The Allman Brothers and many original tunes. Each of the members have been involved in other musical projects and still manage to get together and play.


Denver CO

Sqwerv is a dynamic 4 piece indie-jam band with expressive lyricism and shapeshifting compositions. Whether the sound is deeply moving or playfully silly, Sqwerv’s infectious grooves and exploratory improvisation envelops listeners into a refreshingly unique sonic experience. ​​​​​​


Lynn MA

Tigerman Woah is a locally celebrated brotherhood making music that moves people into mosh pits and on to picket lines since 2012.


 New England

A dance party for everyone's universe! Funk, reggae, and a bunch more. Saxophone, flute, keyboards coming together to create a wild musical adventure.


Winchester VA

Award winning musical embodiment of Alternative Bluegrass & Appalachia. Free range mountain sirens. Personal, passionate, petulant, praising; longing, losing, lamenting, lazing; crowing, crooning, caring and craving… it's all there when The Fly Birds perform.


Doylestown PA

Native Maze amplifies psychedelic rock with heavy blends of improvisation, capturing audiences wherever they play. The band's career of 10+ years has been shaped by each member's unique inspiration and a growing community of fans, friends, and family. Native Maze continues to keep crowds on their toes with their ever changing set lists and different takes on every song.


Port Clinton PA

UJ18 is banjo-clangin' Americana from Pennsylvanian Appalachia. They play floor-stompers and mountain ballads that are traditionally originals, as well as a few that are originally traditionals.


Baltimore MD

Nester, also known as Jacob Nadeau, is an eccentric bassist, singer & producer. Inspired by artists such as Pink Floyd & Primus, Nester consistently delivers a tasteful blend of stellar musicianship and irresistible groove. In 2021, Nester released his first album Tipsy Heavens, featuring tracks with a wide range of styles from funky-psychedelia to uptempo-electronica.


Brooklyn NY

Quartet featuring songwriter and guitarist Jeremy Hilliard (Turbine), Kito Bovenshulte (Particle) on drums, Josh T. Carter (Haley Jane & The Primates) on bass, and Johnny Young on keys (Mick Taylor Band). Self-described as Psychedelic Indie Funk, the band jams extensively in their live show and lets the songs speak for themselves on the record.​​​​


Baltimore MD

Experiencing Seven Teller is like taking a road trip with your dearest friends on a mystic highway. You never know what lies ahead, and anything can happen. You can get lost, but you will find your way back, and in the end you will find the magic that you’ve set out for. Using their songs as a road map, the quartet navigates through the peaks and valleys of open-ended improvisation. The band’s unique, collective sound is nourished by a blend of folk, funk, indie, and world music.


Staten Island NY

Staten Island's premier jug band. Of course, some liked to point out that we're Staten Island's only jug band, but we never minded. But since we had won the annual Chicago Battle of the Jug Bands, we now like to consider ourselves America's premier jug band! Our long term goal is to be the first jug band in outer space, and thereby lay claim to the title of universe's premier jug band. If that doesn't pan out, we at least hope you enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy making it!


Staten Island NY

The Jazztronauts are Staten Island's funkiest fusion band. They are drummer AJ Pantaleo, trumpeter Josh (J.Glaze) Glazer, guitarist Dave Giordano, bassist Niall Sullivan, trombonist Shawn Rhoades, trumpeter/pianist Jesse Blum and saxophonist Kevin Edell.


Philadelphia PA

4 piece musical project that brings together various genres and jam to create a unique and immersive experience every performance. The band features a range of original songs and a growing narrative about "Muse Goddess Isha" and her icy kingdom. In addition to original tunes, the project also includes psychedelic improvisational jams that uses tension and release to create an unpredictable nature to each performance.


Richmond VA

A Triple Threat: CJ Oswald Writes, Sings & Plays Guitar ! He performs original music, classic covers and mash up's! He has made more than 300 live appearances nationally & internationally. His message draws from vast life experience nearly as eclectic as his musical influences. Listen, like and share! 100% Organic Human Music.


Pottsville PA

Psychedelic Hillbilly Crooner moaning out songs of loss, madness and revelation.


83 Community Center Drive
Kempton, PA


[email protected]


General Rules

• No Illegal Substances
• No Weapons
• No Fires on the Ground Elevated, store-bought fire pits only, with water or extinguisher on-hand. No dumping of hot ashes on property.
• No Nitrous Oxide
• No Glass Bottles
• No Underage Alcohol Possession or Consumption
• No Loud Music or Loud Generators in Camping Area
• No Motorized Golf Carts, 4-Wheelers, Dirt Bikes, etc.

The safety of our patrons is of utmost priority. Failure to adhere to rules above will result in immediate ejection from festival grounds by Jibberjazz Security. Thank you for understanding.

RV Camping

Weekend RV passes WITH electricity are SOLD OUT. Passes are for 15 amp and basic electric outlet only. You must provide your own adapter and extension cord.

Weekend RV passes WITHOUT electricity are $50.  Only WHISPER QUIET generators are allowed on site. RV spots WITHOUT electricity will NOT sell out.

RV passes do NOT include any festival tickets.

Kempton Community Center

83 Community Center Drive, Kempton, PA 19529

The venue is a beautiful  rustic fairground, featuring outdoor & indoor stages, plenty of camping space, permanent restrooms, nature trails, and electricity access. This event is B.Y.O.B. for those 21+ with valid I.D.

Food / Craft Vending

Applicants should send an email with detailed vendor description to [email protected]. If email is not possible, mail a description, menus, etc, to the physical address on the Jibberjazz contact page. We archive submissions and contact vendors we are interested in working with in advance.

More Information...

What time does the GATE open? Friday at 9:00AM.

Can I come to the festival EARLY?
Campers may arrive Thursday AFTER 4:00PM. Thursday arrivals carry an additional $20 "early bird fee" per person (payable in cash, at the gate). Vendors are not subject to this fee and may arrive as early as 2:00PM Thursday (2 hours earlier than the public). There is live music Thursday evening as part of the pre-party.

What is the ADDRESS?
83 Community Center Drive, Kempton, PA 19529

Do KIDS have to pay?
Children 12 and under are admitted free-of-charge and must be accompanied by a legal guardian. All children must be registered upon arrival with the telephone number and valid ID of their guardian.

How much does it cost on SATURDAY?
Passes are available after 9:00AM on Saturday for $90 and include camping.

How much does it cost on SUNDAY?
Passes are available after 9:00AM on Sunday for $20.

Do you sell DAY PASSES?
No. All tickets include camping.

Can I leave and RE-ENTER?
If your wristband remains intact on your wrist you may reenter the festival grounds. You are required to check in with Jibberjazz staff each time you pass through the gate.

How long can I STAY?
You may stay on the grounds until 5:00PM Sunday at the very latest.

What is the cost to PARK?
There is a parking fee of $10 per vehicle.
RVs WITHOUT electricity are $50 each. RVs WITH electricity are $120 (email [email protected] with questions).

Can I bring my DOG?
Pets are welcome at Jibberjazz festivals, but as regulated by our insurance company, no dangerous breeds of dogs are allowed on the grounds. A good general rule of thumb is: If your animal has the capacity to harm a child, leave it at home or in a shelter. All animals must be registered at the gate with current proof of Rabies Vaccination. All animals MUST BE LEASHED AT ALL TIMES and properly attended to while on the grounds.

Can I bring ALCOHOL?
Yes. This Jibberjazz event is BYOB if you are 21+ with valid identification. NO GLASS BOTTLES!

Do you sell ALCOHOL?
Alcohol is NOT sold on the grounds. Nearby...

Duffer's Beer:
403 Greenwich St,
Kutztown PA 19530

45 Constitution Blvd,
Kutztown PA 19530

What if I INJURE myself?
A team of Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses are employed 24/7 for the duration of the festival. Basic first-aid is also available at the gate and staff members have the means to contact additional medical personnel if the need should arise. Please notify staff upon checking in if you or someone in your party has a medical condition we should be aware of. Safety is our utmost concern.

More Information...

Can I have a personal FIRE? Not unless it is contained within an elevated, store-bought fire pit (we suggest bringing your own firewood). NO FIRES ON THE GROUND. Camp grills/stoves are okay. Please be responsible for everyone's sake. No dumping of hot ashes on property. Anyone caught making fires on the ground will be ejected.

Will there be YOGA and other ACTIVITIES?
Yes. Check the festival program for a full schedule and description.

Are there QUIET places to camp?
There is an area near the gate designated for "family camping" with quiet hours strictly enforced after midnight.

Can I camp with my CAR?
Yes, and all stages are in close proximity (walking distance) to the main camping area.

Can I bring an RV?
Yes. RV passes  WITH electricity are SOLD OUT. RV passes WITHOUT electricity are $50 and will not sell out. Only WHISPER QUIET generators allowed. Email [email protected] for reservations and questions.

What is the BATHROOM situation?
The grounds feature on-site restrooms with flushing toilets and sinks and there is an abundance of port-o-johns throughout the campground. Maintenance and sanitation are provided constantly throughout the weekend.

Are there showers?
This venue does not have shower facilities available.

What if it RAINS?
The entire main stage area (stage and audience) is completely covered at this venue. The other stage is completely indoors. In case of severe weather, there is a backup plan in place to have outdoor music moved to safe, indoor stages with similar set times and lengths.

Is there an ATM?
There is an ATM in the vending area. However, if you plan on purchasing tickets at the gate, please bring enough money with you as cash is the only form of payment accepted day of show, and you cannot access the ATM until after you enter the festival grounds.

Are there HOTELS nearby?

50 Industrial Dr, Hamburg PA 19526

Hampton Inn
15080 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown PA 19530

Super 8
2160 Golden Key Rd, Kutztown PA 19530

What else is NEARBY? Hawk Mountain's website has a list of nearby attractions:

Where can I get some FLYERS?
Email us at [email protected] to have some sent to you.

How can I become INVOLVED with Jibberjazz?
We are always looking for more reliable volunteers for promotion, clean-up, etc. Please reach us AHEAD OF TIME by emailing [email protected] for an application. Events are fully-staffed before gates open.

How do I sign up to receive Jibberjazz emails? CLICK HERE


Since 2005, Jibberjazz festivals have drummed up a buzz in the underground by showcasing a truly diverse musical-lineup that blends heavy-hitting out of market bands, national acts, and up-and-coming regional talent. Our festivals have developed a dedicated fan base in the region and continue to grow in intensity and attendance, season after season. The trend continues through 2023, as we continue our quest to find "Tomorrow's Headliners Today." Creative line-ups, killer music, and good people are what Jibberjazz is all about.